Turramurra kindergarten is a newly established service & will operate 50 weeks f the year. We are closed over the Christmas New Year’s Eve period for a period of two weeks. The centre is open from 7am-6:30pm Monday to Friday & is closed on public holidays

The current Approved Provider is Erina Kindy Pty ltd which took effect from 05/07/2023. The representative of Erina kindy is Veronica Klumper-Peters.

Our service will continue to meet its legal and financial obligations by implementing appropriate governance practices that support our aim to provide high quality child care that meets the objectives and principles of the National Quality Framework, the National Quality Standard and the Early Years Learning Framework.

Owner/Directors/Approved Provider

Veronica Klumper-Peters is the Director & will continue to have overall fiscal responsibility, ensuring that the business is financially sound and attains its planned goals. Veronica Klumper-Peters will ensure Turramurra kindergarten remains compliant through effective implementation systems and processes and through the continued effective training and development programs which include the operation and ongoing training and support of up-to-date software programs including MYOB, XPLOR, CRM. As well as through the implementation of effective up to date management policies, procedures and practices. We will use chartered accountants’ financial auditors and advisors to continue to complete annual financial statements and required audits & provide sound financial advice.

Veronica has the following expertise;

  • 20 years Executive Management and Financial management
  • Master’s degree in Business majoring in Enterprise development
  • Proven leadership and employee development ability
  • Extensive experience with budgeting methodologies and strategic planning
  • Ongoing compliance management
  • Sound understanding of her role and obligations as Approved provider

Matthew Peters is the other manager at Turramurra kindergarten & oversees all construction, development and ongoing maintenance of the Turramurra kindergarten facility. Matthew has an extensive management background in renovations as well as construction and development & has worked for living choice in project management & development for a period of 10 years. Matthew also has an extensive background in aged care as well as childcare compliance management for the past 15 years. Matthews background is a qualified horticulturist and extensive senior management background & training in compliance management including sales and financial project management.

At Turramurra kindergarten we will continue to use industry bodies and consultants including Gowrie, Custom data, Centre support and Australian Childcare alliance to assist us with legislative updates to policies, procedures and practices and we will seek the services of industry consultants to offer up to date advise for Turramurra kindergarten as well as seek their services for ongoing bi annual audits to be provided to the approved provider bi annually. We will continue to make timely and balanced disclosure where required.

We will also continue to act proactively in regards to our obligations to ensure ongoing training and staff development for all our employees including management. We keep training records for staff on file at all times and offer training through our industry bodies & consultants. Staff performance is effectively carried out through regular performance appraisals and staff training requirements and the effectiveness of training is monitored through regular systems and process audits conducted internally and by our industry bodies and our contracted consultants.

Our leadership team have proven to have the following expertise which has continued to benefit Turramurra kindergarten;

  • Extensive support for day-to-day operations & seeking advice for current legislative requirements
  • Experienced and reputable consultants
  • Vast knowledge of Child Care Licensing requirements and government supplemental programs
  • Ongoing compliance management expertise

Operations Director– Melissa English (Nominated Supervisor) The Facility Director will continue to be responsible for daily operations, ensuring compliance with family assistance law, curriculum oversight and management of all teachers, educators, support staff & volunteers.

  • B. ED  Degree in Education
  • 10+ years Operations Manager
  • 10+ years managerial/supervisory experience
  • 3+ years grant writing, technical writing, workflow and compliance documentation experience

Facility Director – Munira Salahuddin (Nominated Supervisor) The Facility Director will continue to be responsible for daily operations, ensuring compliance with family assistance law, curriculum oversight and management of all teachers, educators, support staff & volunteers.

  • B. ED Degree in Early Childhood Education (birth to 5 years)
  • 20 plus years’ experience in early childhood education and childcare services
  • 10+ years managerial/leadership/supervisor experience
  • 2017-2019 – contributing educator – Exceeding NQF Ratings (Ku-Ring-Gai Council FDC Scheme)
  • 2015 Staff Training Methods – Ku -Ring-Gai Council (Thomas Carlyle Childcare)
  • 2012 Organisational leadership Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers (Billy Kids Childcare)

Educational leader – Katrina Mancer (Responsible Person) The Educational Leader will assist with daily operations, compliance management and provide educational, leadership & ongoing support and training with curriculum & programming and compliance obligations of all teachers, educators, support staff and volunteers

  • Bachelor degree of teaching (Early Childhood) – completed in 1995
  • Masters of Indigenous Education – completed in 2021
  • 4+ years’ experience as an Educational Leader
  • 26+ years child care industry experience as a leader
  • Extensive education background and qualifications

Niloufar Mousavi ECT – Full time Educational Leader– (Responsible person)

  • Masters of Early Childhood teaching (Macquarie university – Sydney NSW (2018)
  • 5+ years’ experience in working in childcare in various leadership roles
  • 2+ years’ Experience as an educational leader
  • Extensive education background and qualifications

The Approved Provider and or Nominated Supervisor will:

  • Ensure that a comprehensive set of policies are in place as required under Regulation 168 and other Regulations and laws that the service must comply with.
  • Ensure that these policies comply with relevant legislation.
  • Update these policies on a regular basis; particularly when there is a change to legislation.
  • Will involve staff and families in the development and or review of policies wherever required.

The Approved Provider and or Nominated Supervisor will:

  • Ensure that the service is meeting requirements by doing regular checks of procedures throughout the service.
  • Ensure that the Quality Improvement Plan is regularly updated to outline areas of improvement and ensuring compliance at all times as outlined in Regulation 55.
  • Whenever uncertain about compliance in any area the Nominated Supervisor will contact relevant authorities to get clarification.

The Approved Provider and or Nominated Supervisor will:

  • Will ensure risk assessments are conducted on the service whenever necessary including excursions as required in Regulation 100.
  • All educators are required to hold a working with children’s check and be cleared for the service before commencement.
  • Uphold Regulation 84 of the National Regulations in regards to maintaining awareness of the existence of child protection laws and the obligations of educators and other employees in their state or territory.
  • Ensure that all staffing arrangements meet requirements and premises layouts are designed for effective supervision purposes thus eliminating many risks posed to children in the education and care setting Regulation 120, 122, 123, 130, 131, 132, 242, and 271. (Note the modification to Regulation 123 in that NSW Educator to Child ratios are different. Refer to Regulation 271).

In order to achieve and maintain the service’s aims and Philosophy, the Directors, Admin will monitor the financial viability and accountability of the centre while also ensuring that:

  • Funds are expended appropriately according to any funding and budgets.
  • The program is operating within budget.
  • Required paperwork is submitted to the relevant funding agencies.
  • Any additional financial requirements are completed (e.g. Taxation office).
  • Develop with staff and the community an overall philosophy for the centre and policies and practices in line with that philosophy.
  • Consult with staff and the community on these policies and management decisions and enable staff to implement them in order to maintain quality child care.
  • Provide avenues for effective communication between staff and the Directors.
  • Employ and support staff in their roles and ensure the relevant awards and conditions of employment are complied with.
  • Encourage training and development of staff in their roles, and
  • Facilitate the participation of staff and management in budget planning to enable cost effective management of the service.
  • Provide leadership, forward planning and guidance to the service, particularly in relation to developing a strategic culture and directions.
  • Be responsible for overseeing legal functions and responsibilities.
  • Ensure that Turramurra kindergarten complies with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and follows the standards of Australian Privacy Principles to regulate the way in which our service manages personal and sensitive information.
  • Commit themselves to ethical, and lawful conduct, including proper use of authority and professional decorum when acting as Approved Provider, Nominated Supervisor or Responsible Persons.
  • Demonstrate un-conflicted loyalty to the interests of the organisation.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest with respect to their role.
  • Ensure confidentiality of all personal information of staff and educators working within the service.
  • Upkeeps statement of philosophy of the service and ensures all others do as well.
  • Not use information exclusive to Turramurra kindergarten for personal gain and will respect the confidentiality of all information obtained during meetings or through their role.
  • Respect the confidentiality appropriate to issues of a sensitive nature in regards to families.
  • Treating other persons fairly, courteously and without discrimination, harassment or bullying.
  • Upholding the rights of children as set out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • Be respectful of, and responsive to, persons of all ethnicities, cultures, values and beliefs.
  • The Approved Provider and or Nominated Supervisor will monitor and handle any grievances within the service in a timely manner.
  • Owners who work in the service will act accordingly to the reporting relationships applicable to those positions.

The Service expects its Employees to maintain a high standard of conduct and work performance to make sure the business maintains its good reputation with its children, families, community and contractors. Good personal conduct contributes to a good work environment for all.

The Code of Conduct (“Code”) relates to the Service and, where relevant, operates in conjunction with other policies relating to minimum standards of behaviour and conduct, the Contract of Employment or Contract for Services.

The Code applies to all Employees, agents and contractors (including temporary contractors) of the Service, collectively referred to as “workplace participants”.

The Code does not form part of any person’s contract of employment.  Nor does it form part of any other workplace participant’s contract for services.

The Service recognises the importance of a work environment which actively promotes best practice.  The purpose of this Code is to describe the standards of behaviour and conduct expected from workplace participants in their dealings with children, suppliers, families, co-workers, management and the general public.

The Service expects all workplace participants to observe the standards set out in this Code. Compliance with this Code is expected and non-compliance may result in disciplinary action including the termination of employment or contract for services.

All workplace participants are expected to observe the highest standards of ethics, integrity and behaviour during the course of their employment or engagement with the Service.  This Code provides an overview of the Service’s fundamental business values. It is by no means exhaustive, but summarises some of the Service’s most important policies, which are based on standards that underlie business ethics and professional integrity, standards that apply to all workplace participants.

As representatives of the Service all workplace participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner and observe the following standards of behaviour both inside the workplace and outside the workplace where the workplace participant can be perceived as representing the Service:

  • Comply with all laws, policies, procedures, rules, regulations and contracts.
  • Comply with all lawful and reasonable directions from the Service.
  • Be honest and fair in dealings with children, families, suppliers, co-workers, management and the general public.
  • Display the appropriate image of professionalism at the workplace. Wear the required uniform, safety equipment or work clothes, and if a workplace participant wears their own clothes, ensure their appearance is neat and tidy.
  • Treat Children, their families, suppliers, co-workers, Service Management and the general Community in a non-discriminatory manner with proper regard for their rights and dignity. In this regard, discrimination, victimisation or harassment based on a person’s race, colour, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family responsibilities, pregnancy or potential pregnancy, union membership or non-membership, mental or physical disability, or any other classification protected by law will not be tolerated.
  • Promptly report any violations of law, ethical principles, policies and this Code to Service Management in accordance with Services Grievance Policy.
  • Maintain punctuality. If a workplace participant is late or cannot report for work, please telephone and let the Coordinator know as soon as possible.
  • Do not use work time for private gain. If a workplace participant is required to leave the work premises for personal reasons they should advise the Coordinator well in advance.
  • The Service has a legitimate interest in the private activities of workplace participants where such activities may bring disrepute upon the Service in its relationships with children, families, suppliers, and the general public at large and may possibly call into question the workplace participant’s fitness for continued employment or to provide services.
  • Maintain and develop the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out duties and responsibilities.
  • Observe health and safety policies and obligations and co-operate with all procedures and initiatives taken by the Service in the interests of work health and safety.
  • Be truthful in all dealings with persons encountered at the workplace. Workplace participants must not make false or misleading declarations during the performance of their duties or when providing services on behalf of the Service.  A declaration can be considered to be misleading if information is omitted or presented in a manner that enables a misleading view of the situation to be formed. This includes failure to comply with reporting requirements and falsifying records and other documents.
  • Refrain from any form of conduct which may cause any reasonable person unwarranted offence or embarrassment or give rise to the reasonable suspicion or appearance of improper conduct or biased performance.
  • Not act for an improper or ulterior purpose to the detriment (whether perceived or actual) of the Service.
  • Workplace participants must not abuse the advantages of their position for private purposes or solicit or accept any gift or benefit in connection with their employment or engagement which might compromise or be seen to compromise their integrity or the Service’s reputation.
  • Respect the Service’s ownership of all of its property including but not limited to funds, equipment, supplies, books, records and confidential information (however described).
  • Maintain during employment with the Service and after the termination of employment, the confidentiality of any confidential information, records or other materials acquired during the employment with the Service.
  • While employed at the Service, not accept any employment with another organisation that is a supplier or competitor of the Service, or any other employment that is in conflict with your position at the Service.
  • Not make any unauthorised statements to the media about the Service’s business (requests for media statements should be referred to the Coordinator and/or Service Management in accordance with the Service’s Privacy Policy).
  • Use only appropriate behaviour in the workplace.
  • Do not use inappropriate language in the workplace.
  • Never report for work in circumstances where there is a risk that you could be affected by or ‘under the influence’ of illicit drugs or alcohol (e.g. if you have ingested or otherwise taken drugs or alcohol the night before or in the period leading up to your next work period). If a workplace participant is taking prescription medication, they must inform the Service Management should this relate to a medical condition that could affect their capacity to perform their duties in a safe manner without harm to themselves or others.  Workplace participants may be required to produce medical evidence to prove this.
  • Do not smoke/vape during working hours unless it is during prescribed breaks and within designated areas.